Using Nitrous Oxide as an Effective Sedation

We work very hard to make the Healthy Smiles office in Raleigh a comfortable environment for our patients. Despite this, we know some children are fearful of dental procedures. It’s a fear that many overcome, but for others, it could cause them to avoid the dentist's office as adults and cause their oral health to suffer in the future.

Nitrous Oxide

For those anxious children, sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to calm their fears and reduce anxiety. Nitrous oxide (often referred to as “laughing gas”) is a mild type of conscious sedation. The child stays awake during the entire procedure and its effects wear off quickly afterward.

Nitrous oxide has been used by dentists for decades and has been shown extremely effective in eliminating anxiety around dental procedures. It is mixed with oxygen and breathed in by the patient a few minutes prior to the dental procedure.


Healthy Smiles Works to Make Your Child’s Dental Visit Easy and Fun

If your child has anxiety around dental procedures, we are happy to work with them to calm their fears. We are used to working with fearful children and offer nitrous oxide as an option to create a calm and painless experience for your child. Before your child is treated, we will review your child’s medical history and treatment needs to inform you if nitrous oxide is recommended for your child.